Services offered:

Monthly Bookkeeping


We collect the data from the client, process it on Pastel Partner and compile monthly management reports from it. Upon returning the data to the client, we discuss the management accounts with the client so the client has an understanding of the business’ financial position. 




We are registered SARS Tax Practitioners and offer a range of taxation and SARS compliance services. Our services include but is not limited to:


·         Calculation and Submission of VAT returns.

·         Calculation and Submission of Employees tax returns.

·        Calculation and Submission of Income Tax Returns (Companies and Individuals)

·         Calculation and Submission of Provisional Tax Returns (Companies and Individuals)

·         Income Tax Registrations (Companies and Individuals)

·         VAT Registrations

·        Employees Tax Registrations

·         IRP5 and EMP501 reconciliations


  Payroll Outsourcing


We offer full payroll outsourcing for Weekly or Monthly employees by utilising Pastel Payroll Software.


Company Registrations


We offer a range of CIPC related services. Our Services include but is not limited to:


·        1 Day Company Registrations (Terms and Conditions Apply)

·         Name Changes

·        Change of Directors

·         Annual Returns 


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