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About us

DHC Bookkeeping Services is a provider of off-site outsourced bookkeeping services for small to medium sized businesses.


The business had its humble beginnings in 2006 when we realized there was a need for affordable, but professional and highly skilled outsourced services.

As a proud business owner you are aware of how critical the daily management of the bookkeeping and administration function is to your business succeeding. However the problem that most business owners experience is that they need to focus on building their business and this leaves little or no time for managing the admin function.

By deciding to outsource your business’ bookkeeping and other administrative tasks to DHC Bookkeeping Services, it will not only provide you with a cost effective alternative to hiring full time employees, but you will also benefit from the skills of a professional, efficient team who will handle the A-Z of all your bookkeeping, taxation, administrative and compliance needs.

We pride ourselves that we treat all our customers equal and with the utmost respect and provide them with a highly skilled comprehensive outsource bookkeeping solution that incorporates the most fundamental internal business functions. What’s more, we subscribe to the Unashamedly Ethical Initiative so you can rest assure that honesty and integrity is very high on our priority list.

With more than 15 years experience in all areas of the accounting and administration environment, coupled with superior quality of work, diligent efficiency, prompt execution and delivery, and the strictest confidentiality, we strive not just to meet the client’s expectations, but surpass it.

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